October 13th - 15th, 2023 | Austin, TX

Andrew McShea

Entrepreneur and High Performance Specialist

Andrew McShea

Co-Founder of IV Biz Bash

Andrew McShea is an entrepreneur, a high performance specialist, sales professional, speaker, and business leadership consultant with 15 years of experience. Andrew is on a mission to help more people create prosperity in their lives. He’s helped thousands of professionals and hundreds of companies get results through his numerous courses and one-on-one consulting on Marketing, Sales, Scaling, Hiring, Retention, and Leadership.

Andrew has successfully built Multiple 7-Figure Business, has closed multiple 7-Figure Real Estate Deals, has personally produced over $18 Million in Sales in a single year, and has led multiple teams and operations to double their Revenue and Gross Profit in less than 2 years. Most recently bringing a team from $42 Million in Sales to over $150 Million in Sales while getting awarded the “World Class” designation for the overall experience and Customer Service he has provided to his clients.