October 13th - 15th, 2023 | Austin, TX


Featured Speakers

More speakers will be joining our all-star lineup soon!

Chris Himel

Founder of IV Biz Bash

Anita Farrelly

Co-Founder of IV Biz Bash

Andrew McShea

Co-Founder of IV Biz Bash

Kate McShea

Co-Founder of IV Biz Bash

Sarah Lomas

CEO and President of REVIV Global

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur & Partner with The DRIPBaR

Perry Belcher

Marketing Specialist

Dan Powell

Director of Business Development of
Olympia Pharmacy

Gary Brecka

Co-Founder & Chief Human Biologist of
10X Health System

Jim Donnelly

CEO of Restore

Kyle Jones

Co-Founder & CIBO of iCRYO

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Founder & CEO of BrainTap

Chris Seitz

Founder & CEO of Guardian Medical Direction

Micah Lowe

Founder & CEO of Simply O3

Sam Tejada

President & CEO of Liquivida

Ben Crosbie


Archie Messersmith-Bunting

Founder of Archie Cares

Dr. Christopher Davis

Chief Medical Officer of Liquivida

Jeff Cohen

President of Florida Healthcare Law Firm

Katie Wafer Gillberg

Founder of Hydrate IV Bar

Dr. Staci Blume

Owner of Well Infused

Randal Rutledge

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Jasen Bruce

Chief Sales Officer of Empower Pharmacy

Ken Starr MD

Founder and CEO of Wellness Group

Pavel Stuchlik

Owner of NOA|AON

Jennifer Kraatz, MSPharm

Owner of Pharmacy Upward

Pamela McLeod

President of Mobile IV Nurses

Jonny Weber

Owner of Mobile IV Nurses

Chaz Faulhaber

Co-Founder of Onus IV Hydration

Felicia Janovich

Owner of Live Hydration IV Spa

Adam Boender. DC

Founder, Legacy Med Solutions & Legacy Coaching

Paniz Jasbi

Founder of Theriome