October 13th - 15th, 2023 | Austin, TX


Frequently Asked Questions

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Anyone who is:

  • ✔ Looking to start an IV Therapy Business
  • ✔ Looking to grow and scale their IV Business
  • ✔ Looking to train their staff on all things IV Therapy
  • ✔ Looking to add IV Therapy to their services ie. Med Spas, Chiropractic Offices, Cryotherapy, Physical Therapy
  • ✔ Looking to motivate your staff
  • ✔ Looking to train your staff on sales and create raving fan customers
  • ✔ Looking to take their Brand to the next level
  • ✔ Master Marketing, funnels, free customer acquisition
  • ✔ Regulatory Panels
  • ✔ Updates and Changes to the Pharmaceutical industry
  • ✔ Everything you need to know about IV Therapy- launching an IV Therapy company or adding IV Therapy as another service
  • ✔ Mastering the Art of the Sale
  • ✔ Marketing Mastery
  • ✔ Creating a brand that lasts
  • ✔ Regulatory compliance
  • ✔ Mastering your mind in a tough economy
  • ✔ Advances in regenerative medicine
  • ✔ Advances in the IV Therapy Space
  • ✔ Additional revenue services
  • ✔ Learn directly from the leaders in the space
  • ✔ Software to manage your IV Therapy business

“This industry has been desperate for an event like this as it is such a new and upcoming industry and we knew we needed to do something to gather the top minds in the space and create an event that not only puts IV Therapy on the map but sets up each and every attendee up for massive success in the space and furthering their mission to enhance others lives. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful to put this event on, there is nothing quite like getting hundreds of like-minded people into a room with one mission in mind. Events like this aren’t a nice to have but a must to grow, connect, learn and be our best selves. We can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Chris Himel

Founder, IV Biz Bash